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Talos - A man made of of brass, a creation of the smiths god Hephaestus. This wonderful being was given to King Minos by either Zeus or Hephaestus, and guarded over the large island of Crete by walking round its perimeter three times every day. Whenever he saw a foreign ship approaching he would hurl huge boulders and capsize it. If anybody managed to land Talos would make himself red-hot in fire, and would then embrace the strangers when they landed, burning them.

Talos had only one vein in his entire body, which ran from the head to the ankles, and was closed at the top with a brass nail. When he attempted to keep Jason and the Argonauts from Crete by throwing stones at them, the witch Medeia used her magic powers to throw him into a state of madness. According to others, she tricked him under the pretence of making him immortal by taking the brass nail out of his vein, thus causing him to "bleed" to death.
Talos is a US Government project to develop futuristic high-tech Iron Man-like body armor for its soldiers, much like Hephaestus did with Talos;
Talos is a European Union Border Protection System, a project "aimed at designing, implementing and field-testing a prototype of adaptable and transportable border surveillance system (Transportable Autonomous patrol for Land bOrder Surveillance - TALOS). In the same way, the ancient Talos guarded the border of the island of Crete;
Talos Energy is a
n international company devoted to gas and energy acquisitions;
Talos Security, maker of security cameras and surveillance systems, lets it be known that
"when you can't be there to watch over your loved ones and possessions, Talos will."
At Talos ElderScrolls, it is said that "Talos, once known as Tiber Septim, Ysmir, or the Dragonborn, Heir to the Seat of Sundered Kings, is the greatest hero-god of Mankind, and is worshipped as the protector and patron of just ruler ship and civil society."
Talos at Forgotten Realms "is also known as The Storm Lord (and long ago as Kozah), was the Faerûnian greater deity of storms and destruction."
The Talos was a a long-range naval surface-to-air missile, and was among the earliest surface-to-air missiles to equip United States Navy ships. The Talos used radar beam riding for guidance to the vicinity of its target;
The Talos vehicle was "conceived as a patrol craft for mining operations in lawless space;"

Tanagra - She was the Naiad Nymph of the spring, well or fountain of the town of Tanagra in Boiotia (central Greece). She was a daughter of the local river-god Asopos, and the Olympian gods Hermes and Ares both loved her. The two gods boxed over who would win her affection, and Hermes ended up winning. There is a story that, as she reached extreme old age, her neighbors ceased to call her by the name of Tanagra, and instead gave the name Graia (Old Woman), first to the woman herself and then to the city.

TANAGRA is a free DATA MINING software for academic and research purposes;
Tanagra Wine Farm is located in New Zealand;
Tanagra Auto is a vehicle detailing service distributor in Lithuania;
Tanagra NanoKeratin helps damaged hair;
Tanagra Cosmetics is based in Brazil;
Tanagra is a prototype mixed-initiative level design tool for 2D platformers. It allows a human and a computer to produce a fully playable level;

Tantalus - Tantalus (Τάνταλος, Tántalos) was a Greek mythological figure, most famous for his eternal punishment in the infernal Tartarus. His actions offended the gods and their sense of hospitality and for that transgression he was made by Zeus to stand in a pool of water beneath a fruit tree with low branches, full of ripe and inviting fruit; but as the famished Tantalus would reach for the fruit, the branches would recede ever so "tantalizingly" out of reach. That's where we get the word 'tantalize'.

Likewise, as the parched Tantalus would lower his head to drink of the crystal clear waters all around him, they would withdraw ever so tantalizingly out of reach, never permitting him to quench his thirst! It was a life of eternal desire unfulfilled, yet Tantalus was not allowed to die.
  Tantalus Vineyards is an exceptional wine-maker located in beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Colombia, Canada;
Tantalus Corporation provides "Smart Grid Solutions".
Tantalus in Australia is one of the world’s leading independent development studios;
Tantalus Greek Restaurant is one of many named after the Greek figure, this one in Washington State;
Tantalus Resort Lodge is a top notch lodge located in Whistler, British Colombia, Canada;

Ucalegon -
Ok, you just hit the jackpot here, this Greek reference is so rare, it should get you TRIPLE marks from your teacher. It's from the great epic called the Iliad, which chronicled the Trojan War and the destruction of the mighty city of Troy.

Ukalegon (you-kah-LAY-gone) was one of the respected elders of Troy who, along with his friend King Priam, helped set policy. The Greeks set his house on fire when they stormed and sacked Troy, completely destroying it.

The irony is that Ucalegon's name means "doesn't worry". Bet he worried plenty when he saw his house, and the rest of Troy, go up in flames! The name has become a word for "neighbor whose house is on fire or has burned down", and even such an esteemed linguist as Will Shortz, editor of the New York Time crossword puzzle, has stated that it's his favorite word in the English language.

If you notice your neighbor's house on fire, call the fire department and shout "UCALEGON!" TRIPLE MARKS for sure!!
Ucalegon Ltd. was a German company specializing in a product called "Yellow Business Directory".

Ucalegon can be experienced at SoundCloud; check out his cool rock and roll graphic!
Ucalegon Records surely burns down the house when they rock their jams;



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